Voss DOT Helmets

Voss DOT motorcycle helmets are a relatively young but steadily growing 'boutique brand' of helmets that caters to riders who are concerned about safety, fit and comfort, and of course style. Furthermore as the world is economically a little more challenged, value is also a large contributing factor for not just helmets but for most anything that people buy these days.

Every time we begin to develop a new helmet, we really do our homework to make sure that at the end of the day, we will be able to provide to our customers the helmet that they find appealing and comfortable for a fair value without cutting corners and sacrificing safety. We want you to get more than you pay for.

We are continuously striving to bring our customers a helmet they feel good about to a sporting culture that makes them feel good about themselves.

Our slogan "For the Ride of Your Life" states it all.